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38 Healthy Family Goals You Can Share With Your Loved Ones




Goals are essential to each person as they assist in achieving personal or business success. You may have heard personal goals. Right?  Well, family goals, on the other hand, concentrate on the accomplishments which get discussed within a family. After all, the family is unquestionably the reason for our existence. Further, family goals are, therefore, vital as they can be used to bring the family together.

Why Is It Important to Set Family Goals?

Family goals often give the members something to look forward to. You know that without any purpose, it is practically hard to achieve anything. Well, we will take a look at some of the reasons why family goals are essential.

  1. Creates family values- goals are useful since they help in giving meaning to most families. It is also essential to make sure that all the goals are suitable for all members regardless of their age, to ensure that all family members feel part of something huge.
  2. Assists in creating unity- since all family members are involved in making decisions regarding the goals, there tends to be a sense of unity. You will find that even those people who have drifted apart always come together to contribute an idea.
  3. I know that most of the people have a few goals set up at the beginning of the year, but most of them don’t get fulfilled. It is funny how we often give up on some of the goals we have set up ourselves.
  4. Many people like to invest in family businesses, and I can attest to that. We have seen how a lot of people are running family businesses and expanding them. Some of the companies often come up after a particular family sets up specific goals and work towards achieving them. 
  5. Children also learn a lot from their parents, and it is imperative to set a good example for them to emulate in the future. You should make sure all the family members are involved in the goal-setting process, even the kids, so that they can gain some advantage and manage their future.

Type of Family Goals- Long VS Short

Goals fall into three main groups, mainly lifetime, long-term, and short-term. Moreover, family goal setting does not have to be formal, and it should be a fun-filled activity to ensure all members are fully involved. Let’s break down the types of goals available, shall we?

Long term goals

Long term goals are those goals that make the future and can take up to a year to get accomplished. Most of these goals are either career goals, lifestyle changes, or retirement goals. The time limit could be one year, five years, or ten years. However, you should know that many people underestimate or overestimate what they can do in a certain period. So, if you are serious about achieving something, it is necessary to make long-term goals and then use a series of short term goals to accomplish it.

“In all things that you do, consider the end.”

– Solon

Short term goals

The short term goals are usually easily achieved, and they need little time to get accomplished. They include; going out at least once in a month, sharing of household chores, spending time together, losing at least five pounds, painting the lounge, passing a particular exam, building a deck, or making up a broken relationship. You should also know that the reason why many people don’t succeed is that they can’t define their goals or even consider whether they are achievable. Successful people will always tell you where they are heading to, how they will get there, and who will assist them along the way.

In the category of short term goals, there are foundation goals that are more likely to be achieved within one year. One can set a foundation goal like improvement in school in one semester. Provisional goals are also known as stepping stones, and they get set to assist an individual in achieving higher goals. The time limit for these goals is always one month, and these enabling goals occur before the foundation goals. Moreover, reasonable family goals involve any desire which will have a positive impact on the family or an individual.

Good Examples Of Family Goal Lists You Can Set Right Now.

Eating healthier and happier

  • Having a healthy breakfast which includes a fruit to maintain good health.
  • Planning of meals should include everybody as it ensures everybody enjoys a good time.
  • Purchase lots of greens to ensure there is a variety to choose from.
  • Ensure everyone drinks lots of water during the day.
  • Drink fat, free and low-fat dairy products.

Financial goals

  • Saving for a vacation.
  • Developing a medical emergency fund.
  • Starting a family business.
  • Saving for a family car.
  • College saving.

Improving relationships

  • Spend more time with each other.
  • Communicate more often.
  • Make more time for yourself.
  • Support each other through hard times.
  • Maintain intimacy.

Home improvement goals

  • Decorating the entire house.
  • Repairing all the cluttering in the house.
  • Redecorating of the living room.
  • Additional finishing touches to the porch area.
  • Adding of sliding doors in the main relaxation area.

Vacation planning goals

  • Start saving for the trip.
  • Plan the budget early.
  • Involve the whole family in planning.
  • Start a countdown.

Learning together

  • Playing indoor games like chess or word puzzles.
  • Sharing of workloads with the children to shape them up
  • Having a movie night together.
  • Working with the children to finish their homework.

Join community activities

  • Volunteer at children’s homes.
  • Donate some food to the food banks.
  • Donate blankets and food to the homeless.
  • Improves family communication.
  • Donating old clothes.

Boost your family fitness level

  • Playing team sport.
  • Engage in aerobics exercises by involving the whole family.
  • Engage in running, swimming and dancing.
  • Encourage the children to try an outside game.
  • Eat more fiber, cut calories.

“You can always find a solution if you try hard enough.”– Lori Greine

How to Set Family Goals While Having Fun in 2020?

  1. Select goals that suit each member of the family then hold a conversation about it. When you involve everyone, lots of ideas emerge and get shared on a specific goal. Secondly, it is crucial to set only one goal and work on it rather than on many goals, which can be overwhelming.
  2. The head of the family should also plan on the right time to hold goal-setting conversations with the rest of the family. It is not proper to bombard the members with such a topic at the wrong time. You might end up receiving a negative attitude towards the whole subject.
  3. Collection of fun supplies can also make goal setting to be fun, especially if there are children involved. The tools include the bright-colored stick notes where each one can write a few ideas, or use a considerable writing pad to engage everyone in the conversation.
  4. Inviting everyone to share ideas can be useful so that other people do not think that the decision belongs to one person. A good example would go like, “we have been talking about going for a family vacation for a while. Can we come up with a plan on where we want to go, when, and the needed budget?”  You will notice that the other family members respond positively and start giving different ideas.

Final Thoughts

You have read all about family goals and how to achieve them, the main question remains; how can I celebrate an accomplished goal?

Well, you can always take your family to a favorite movie with dinner afterward, create an impromptu family dance party, go to the parks or initiate indoor family games. It is also essential to have a diary where all family goals get recorded so that each one accomplished can be marked. That will give you the morale to work on the remaining targets.

Finally, if you have been hesitating on whether to start setting goals, you have to know that there is no right time to start planning for purposes. Anytime is a good time, so why not start now?


Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents This New Year




All the things we cherish, such as wise counsel and much warmer hugs, are abundant in grandparents. Want to give back this new year? Here is a list of the top present suggestions for grandparents that they’ll like. And while these are all excellent new year presents, you can also use these creative suggestions for another holiday or special event.

Writing journal

Encourage your grandma to tell their life story in the unique memento diary from this new year by having them write it down. The diary’s nine parts cover different life periods and provide direction through challenging questions and writing exercises. This gift not only helps your grandparents reminisce but also gives you priceless knowledge that you can use and value for the rest of your life.

Smart clock

The smart clock is a logical development from the conventional clock that is more sophisticated. This cutting-edge model replaces the retro-inspired, simplified appearance with a wireless charging station instead of charging ports. Thanks to this, your grandparents can easily charge their cell phones at night.

The innovative clocks also have features like alarm settings and easily readable graphics that you would expect from a bedside clock. The most recent models also come with new features like voice commands through Google Assistant, better speakers, a sizable touchscreen with ambient light sensors, and a potent microphone that can be muted for privacy.

Phone stand

The phone stand is here to save the day for those of our grandparents who use their cell phones excessively. It is one of the best phone accessories as it fastens to the rear of a phone, slides into an easel-like position, and stretches to full length for a portable stand. FaceTime, cooking, and Zoom meetings will become more comfortable with the help of a stand for your grandparents.

Foot massager

This affordable gadget fits various foot sizes and may also be used on other regions of the body, like the thighs and calves. In addition, it provides a deep kneading foot massage with light heat treatment.

Therefore, giving your grandparents this massager for the new year is a smart choice since they will like it more each time they use it.

Money tree

A charming money tree is said to bring luck and fortune to those who take good care of it. So grandparents, in their retirement, will enjoy the superstitious fun and the much-needed green. Choose from five contemporary pot colors, then deliver them to their door.

Matching aprons

Matching aprons will make time spent in the kitchen with Grandma, Grandpa, and the grandchildren, who enjoy baking and cooking together, even more enjoyable. So, for this striped ensemble, let them pick their favorite color.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Give this present to the grandparents who like maintaining a spotless home. Grandma or Grandpa won’t have to move a muscle to clean with the robot vacuum for up to 100 minutes.

They are battery-operated, self-contained cleaners with brushes, replaceable pads, and water reservoirs. Your robot mop will effortlessly clean your dirty floor, reversing when it comes across obstacles and charging itself when its battery is low.

Customized dish towel

There is nothing quite like home… but the residence of Grandma and Grandpa is a close second! With a personalized dish towel in two materials, you can let them know that your affection for them also extends to your household. It’s a beautiful way for grandchildren to express gratitude for all the holiday treats they’ve received.

Artwork photo frame

The ideal Christmas present suggestions for grandparents are unique. What could be more private than your child’s artwork? This shockproof image frame opens up like a book to expose up to 50 pieces. Because grandparents would want to brag about their grandchild’s creative ability whenever Granny and grandpa have guests, they would love to showcase their grandkid’s most recent collection.

Audible membership

It can be challenging to find excellent Christmas gift suggestions for grandparents, especially if they are the type of folks who have everything. However, audible memberships can be the perfect present for you! There are countless audiobooks, films, and podcasts available, so everyone can find something to like.

Framed family tree

Have a lengthy conversation about your family tree with Grandma and Grandpa over a meal. Make notes and personalize your own charmingly framed family tree, which they will treasure and which will aid in teaching the entire family about your history.


These are some of the most thoughtful presents you could give your grandfather this year to let him know how much you value and care about him.

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Six Ways to Develop Problem-Solving Skills in Kids




The earlier the kids start solving problems they become smart enough to solve other issues around them. Problem-solving skills effectively help their Academic performance. It helps your child differentiate between what is solvable and what is difficult. Problem-solving, in other words, means a decision-making exercise for your child. In the long run, problem-solving skills develop confident, independent, and happy individuals.

Engagement in Creative Play

Learning while playing is a very practical way of teaching kids of various ages. You must make sure these games are creative and are challenging to the child while playing.

Memory games – They inspire different sides of your child’s development. For example, memory games sharpen your child’s memory skills and enable her to learn problem-solving strategies. In addition, such games drive your child’s intellect and concentration level and enhance reflexes.

Building Blocks The majorityof the children enjoy playing with building blocks. They are solid colorful shapes made for construction games for kids. This game is an effective tool for children. Experts propose that building blocks assist the child in developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, it works on mental reflexes, vocabulary skills, engineering mastery, and divergent reflection.

Activity Books Reading does not have to be a marathon for kids. Instead, you must motivate your child to go through activity books. Your child will be interested in reading by doing these small activities and developing concentration skills. Kids’ activity books encourage them to work on their reading ability while contributing to a range of literacy and critical thinking workouts.

Story Telling Storytelling is a beneficial way of understanding and developing memory, the art of re-telling. In addition, storytelling builds compassion in your child, aids brain development, and sets the foundation for communication and social and interpersonal talents. Travel along with your child through the world of storytelling to facilitate creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Backyard games Kids these days are primarily engaged in phones or video games. But prolonged use of them is harmful, so you can arrange some outdoor games for kids to deviate them from these devices. For example, plays like a scavenger hunt, stick maze, and kick the can will encourage them to use their cognitive skills. If you find it difficult to arrange games, you can buy cubby houses online, as they are a fun way to develop problem-solving skills in your child.

Make the Difficulty Reasonable

While developing problem-solving skills in your child, you must make the difficulty level rational according to her age and caliber. Make sure there is a logical solution that she can understand by its end. Confusing choices can make the child more confused. The more demarcated choices they have to make to develop their problem-solving skills, the better.

Facilitate Decision Making

Even in everyday practical life, give your child the chance to make her own decisions. Facilitate decision-making for your child wherever possible. Your child should not resist decision-making and should not be scared of it. After all, you are training your child for the big world.

Generally, DIY projects facilitate kids to use many everyday skills to solve problems and understand assignments analytically, investigating probable outcomes. It exercises the mind, making it logical and reasonable to pick a solution from a wide range of feasible solutions.

Encourage Independence

A good parenting strategy says you must be a good observer, facilitator, and backer. Encourage your child to test her solutions. Encourage your child to solve the problem in her way by her thinking. It also develops into kids’ creativeness, facilitating them to use their intuitions and put their artistic aptitudes into practice.

Appreciate and Acknowledge their Efforts

Your child should have some space to communicate her ideas independently and effectively without judgment. Success and failure are part of life. If your child fails certain problems, do not be discouraged, then you’re unwilling for your kids to learn and discover the world. Instead, allow your child to face failure; that is also a part of development.

Practice Brainstorming

As a parent, you should ensure that your child should know that you appreciate her potential to solve a problem. You can also throw a situation in front of the child and tell the child to find possible solutions to that particular situation. Try to practice brainstorming as a family, which will be a great effort for your kids’ problem-solving talents. You will be surprised at how imaginative and talented they can be.

Wrapping Thought

Kids who learn how to solve problems at a much earlier stage tend to when they are young tend to achieve a lifetime learning process. Problem Solving skills train them to be curious, self-motivated, and creative.

In today’s world, every industry wants to hire employees with creative thinking and problem-solving attitudes for faster growth since many problems faced today are challenging. Therefore, teaching problem-solving skills is an intelligent investment for your child’s future.

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