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Is It Safe to Put Money into Cryptocurrency In 2023? Here Is Our Prediction




The cryptocurrency sector is optimistic about its achievement in 2023, placing a large bet on the implementation of new regulations by governments and hoping that the general people will become more aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies to act as value stores; find out more.

After suffering a catastrophic financial blow in 2022, the cryptocurrency industry is looking forward to a healthy rebound in 2023 as new regulations are introduced to make the atmosphere around cryptocurrencies safer. Additionally, India, which has just acquired the chair of the G20, has announced intentions for international collaboration in the field of crypto law and the establishment of frameworks.

Predictions on the State of the Cryptocurrency Market in 2023

It is anticipated that the broad acceptance of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) would usher in a new era of international trade, the creation of financial value, transactions in the manufacture of hardware, and bilateral relationships. “Traders and investors are also learning the value of patience thanks to experts’ predictions. It is anticipated that new regulations will make the cryptocurrency industry more secure, and this speaks well for the success of the market until the end of 2023. However, as a result of rising interest rates and diminishing monetary stimulus, a more difficult environment for financing will undoubtedly emerge, which will result in a reduction in the number of potential investors who are able to win high strikes “Kumar Gaurav, the founder and CEO of cashaa, comments further.

The Total Number of Users Has Increased

As more people learn about cryptocurrencies and the technology that underpins them, it is quite likely that the number of people using cryptocurrencies will continue to increase in the foreseeable future. If more businesses and individuals start adopting cryptocurrencies, then maybe the demand for them will increase.

Enhancements Made to the Clarity of Regulations

As the cryptocurrency sector matures, governments all over the world are likely going to respond by enacting stricter laws and regulations regarding the appropriate management of assets involving cryptocurrencies. One of the potential outcomes is an increase in the customers’ level of confidence in the market.

Facilities That Are Much Better

Exchanges, accounts, and payment systems that are compatible with cryptocurrencies are likely to advance in functionality and become easier for users to navigate in the not-too-distant future. Acquiring, trading, and making use of cryptocurrencies might all be made easier as a result of this development, at least to some degree.

With a Concentration on the Costs

The administration has come to the conclusion that taxing digital money at a rate of thirty percent is the best way to bring the budget back into balance in 2022. (VDAs). In the words of Rajagopal Menon, Vice President of WazirX, a cryptocurrency exchange, “the ecosystem is calling for reduced tax rates” (0.01% TDS on sale transactions as opposed to the current 1%, equivalency with business factors long-term/short-term profits as opposed to 30% tax on gains). “The ecosystem is calling for reduced tax rates” (0.01% TDS on sale transactions as opposed to the current 1%).

He said, “This advocacy seeks to assist local crypto initiatives and improve acceptability to develop a crypto firm that is independent of foreign influence in the country.”

Investments in Cryptocurrencies Made by Institutions

There has been a recent uptick in the amount of money being invested in cryptocurrencies by institutions, and this trend is expected to continue for some time. It is anticipated that the liquidity of the market will improve, and that the usage of crypto assets as a value store would grow; both of these developments would contribute to an increase in the market’s total worth. However, according to Menon, “the average funding amount is predicted to continue the similar trend of 2022.” This indicates that investors would only support the most promising projects that have the potential to generate revenue.

The Prospective Future of Web3 in 2023

Leon Foong, CEO of APAC for the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, projected that the Web3 infrastructure would continue to develop and attract investors. Binance wishes to continue with initiatives such as the Global Law Enforcement Training Program, the publication of Binance’s hot and cold wallet addresses through Proof of Reserves, and the formation of the Industry Recovery Initiative in order to protect clients and revive the industry (IRI).

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How to Buy Bitcoin: A Guide




While there are still many naysayers, it’s clear that Bitcoin has value and anyone who wants to prepare for the future wants to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible.

The price floated around $17K per Bitcoin in December 2022 and this was a major drop from its highest price, $60K per Bitcoin. This has made a few investors panic and made many investorsstart buying Bitcoin for the first time.

Now that the price is right for most of us, now’s the time to buy Bitcoin.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to get started.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

Before you decide to start buying crypto or selling crypto you have to set a specific purpose for why you should own Bitcoin.

There are two reasons why someone decides to buy Bitcoin. One is because they hope the price will increase and then they can sell it for a profit in their chosen fiat currency. As of now, this is the more popular option and what the average person thinks of Bitcoin.

This mindset sees Bitcoin as a digital asset intended solely for selling for a profit.

The second reason is that Bitcoin is seen as a form of money in itself. While this is a niche viewpoint it’s increasingly becoming popular as the populace learns more about the dangers of fiat currency.

When you decide to take the plunge and buy Bitcoin you must decide which approach you want to focus on.

Do I Have to Buy Bitcoin?

If you’re reading this guide then you’ve already decided that you want to own at least some Bitcoin. But the average citizen doesn’t take any investment too seriously.

For example, you might hold a bit of gold and silver. But do you have a goal to buy gold and silver each month? How often do you check your stock market portfolio or buy more shares?

The same fate has befallen Bitcoin for most citizens. Even you, dear reader, might have bought a small amount of Bitcoin several years ago and have forgotten how to access it.

But Bitcoin is a revolution and simply buying a bit on occasion isn’t sufficient. You must understand why it’s a revolution and this will help you plan your strategy to buy Bitcoin.

Let’s start by exploring fiat currency and inflation a bit more.

A Low Opinion On Inflation

Regardless of where you are, you’re most likely suffering the effects of inflation that are rampant during our current economic crisis.

The main reason for inflation is that the money supply of your country is increasing. This is because central banks are able to print money without any restraints whatsoever.

There are no laws in any country that restricts how much the supply of a particular fiat currency can exist. The more money that exists, the less value the money has.

The house that cost only $4,000 a century ago now might cost at least $1 million! This is all due to excessive money printing and there’s really nothing that average citizens can do about it.

That is until Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world. Bitcoin is one of the best hedges against inflation and is the perfect option for the digital world we now live in.

This is because, unlike fiat currencies, there is a finite amount of Bitcoin in existence. The magic number is 21 million and because of its’ programming, one cannot “print” more than these 21 million Bitcoins.

As a result, the value of Bitcoin can’t get inflated away like your fiat currency. It’s one of many assets that are inflation-proof and as more people learn about Bitcoin, we surmise that it will become seen as the best form of money rather than simply an investment asset.

This alone should be a reason to start buying Bitcoin and accumulating as much as you can. But there are even more reasons that you should know about. One of those is the threat of CBDCs.

Big Banker Is Watching You

You might know about Big Brother — the literary depiction of the total surveillance state in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

One of the biggest threats to our privacy and liberty is afoot and it’s already been put into use in China and might also come to the West. The threat comes in the form of Central Bank Digital Currencies, also known as CBDCs.

This is a digital form of money. But unlike Bitcoin, which isn’t controlled by a company, these CBDCs are controlled by your country’s central bank. It means that every single transaction of yours can get tracked and permanently recorded.

Since this digital money is programmable, it can get “paused” which means that you can’t access it at the central banks’ will. Central banks can also add expiration dates to your CBDC so that you can’t save money for your future.

Already, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak has discussed the introduction of CBDCs for British Subjects. Likewise, President Joe Biden has spoken about the Digital Dollar for American citizens.

Likewise, much of India has become cashless and the Digital Rupee is on its way. The European Union has also pushed for a digital Euro for all its member states.

Why is this such a threat? Because when the central banks can “turn off” your money, they’ll only keep it on if you behave as they wish. The social credit score system in China is a very real threat to many other countries.

Bitcoin fixes this. It can’t get controlled by a central bank or government. It’s permissionless money that protects against such tyranny.

Bitcoin Isn’t Crypto

Let’s wrap up by squashing one important notion: Bitcoin isn’t crypto. The two phrases are often used interchangeably as has even been done in this guide!

But it should be clear that Bitcoin isn’t similar to altcoins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or many others. These are managed by companies and therefore, have greater control just as CBDCs do.

While this is a heated dispute among digital currency enthusiasts, you want to consider strongly whether you want to focus solely on buying Bitcoin or also on buying crypto.

No doubt, others have found uses for altcoins and these altcoins can get used as investment assets. But the uses of Bitcoin in fighting against fiat tyranny are unique.

Now let’s look at how to get started with buying Bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin

There are many ways to buy Bitcoin but the method that we suggest is using a Bitcoin ATM. You can go here to learn how this process works.

But before we explore Bitcoin ATMs more, we should look into all the different methods to buy Bitcoin. This will help strengthen our case on why a Bitcoin ATM is the best route for buying crypto and selling crypto.

The most common way to buy Bitcoin is to use an online exchange. These exchanges include services such as Coinbase. But they also include services such as Celsius.

When you buy crypto from an exchange, your relationship works in the same way as when you deposit your cash in your bank. When the exchange holds your Bitcoin, they own your Bitcoin!

You’ll hear many prominent Bitcoiners state: “not your keys, not your coins.” What this means is that if you don’t have control over what happens to your Bitcoin. The exchange can confiscate it and control it as they wish.

People use exchanges because they’re far more convenient than cold wallets. But convenience is the enemy of freedom and Bitcoin represents freedom, so you want to avoid going down this route.

Of course, make sure you only buy what you can risk. You should also always consult a financial advisor before you buy Bitcoin.

Now let’s look at cold wallets and why a Bitcoin ATM is the best solution to buy Bitcoin.

What Is a Cold Wallet?

A cold wallet is a catch-all term for a cryptocurrency wallet that’s not held or managed by an exchange. This offers a lot more security and freedom but also requires more responsibility from the owner.

One of the most popular versions of a cold wallet is a hardware wallet. This is a small device, that you can easily fit into your pocket.

You’ll hold your Bitcoin on your hardware wallet and you’ll be given a few security measures to protect it. These security measures will include a recovery phrase consisting of 12 or 24 random words.

These words are needed to recover your Bitcoin should you lose your wallet or you forget your Public Key and Private Key information. If you lose these words, you’ll lose access to your Bitcoin forever.

While these are mostly safe from hackers, there are ways that hackers can remotely access your hardware wallet to steal your Bitcoin. It’s a rare occurrence and only the most experienced hacker can do this, but it’s not impossible.

Nevertheless, this is the type of cold wallet that’s most popular among veteran Bitcoin investors. As you delve more into the world of Bitcoin, you’ll soon find that more Bitcoiners prefer hardware wallets.

But even so, one can’t beat both the convenience and freedom that you’ll get with a paper wallet. A paper wallet is what you’ll get when you use a Bitcoin ATM.

Buy Bitcoin from the ATM

The third method to buy Bitcoin is to head to your closest Bitcoin ATM. With a Bitcoin ATM, you’ll insert cash and you’ll buy Bitcoin of the equivalent amount — minus transaction fees.

When you buy Bitcoin from an ATM you’ll receive a paper wallet. This paper wallet will show how much Bitcoin you own. It’ll also give your Public Key and Private Key information.

You have to ensure that you keep this paper wallet on you at all times. If it gets lost then you’ll lose your Bitcoin forever.

With some Bitcoin ATM providers, you’ll have to first make an account before you can buy Bitcoin. Even if this isn’t an option, you might want to create an account so you can manage your paper wallet online. This ensures that you can add to an existing wallet instead of creating a new wallet each time.

As Bitcoin ATMs become more prevalent across the world, you can expect more to arrive in your city if they aren’t there already.

While this is the method that we most recommend you want to also look into other ways of buying Bitcoin. A Bitcoin ATM or hardware wallet won’t always be near so you might need to occasionally resort to more conventional methods.

Buy Bitcoin from Payment Processors

As buying crypto becomes more commonplace, there are many payment processors that are allowing users to buy Bitcoin.

You can use services such as PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp among others to buy Bitcoin. Once you make an account on a payment processor you’ll have to connect a debit card to it.

Within the payment processor’s interface, you can buy Bitcoin just as you would on a crypto exchange. But you must remember that these payment processors will likely have the same rules as the exchanges.

The payment processors will hold your Bitcoin and can confiscate it as they wish. As a result, if you buy Bitcoin from a payment processor it should be a last resort. Focus on buying small amounts of Bitcoin that you might need to use in an emergency situation.

But under no circumstance should you keep all or most of your Bitcoin holdings stored on these payment processors.

Begin Your Bitcoin Journey

Now you know how to buy Bitcoin and are ready to begin your Bitcoin journey.

Before you buy Bitcoin make sure you understand why people invest in it and why it’s become so important. This helps you plan your strategy on when to buy Bitcoin and how much to accumulate.

There are many ways to buy Bitcoin but the method that’s most convenient without compromising freedom is via a Bitcoin ATM. Make sure you also learn the security protocols so you never lose your Bitcoin.

You can find more great financial content on our website.

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How to Find the Beste Forbrukslån for Your Small Business




It has been a tough few years for small businesses, no matter where they are located.  I do not think that anyone would argue against that, really.  What with the covid 19 pandemic shutting down most operations in 2020 and 2021, and the slow crawl back to economic stability…well, most of our coffers are hurting.

Yet, there remains room for innovation and expansion.  In the face of adversity, many shops have bloomed to become bigger and brighter than ever.  Both in the online retail space and the physical one, plenty have risen to the occasion to better themselves and fine tune their operations. 

Of course, if that was not your experience, there is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, as shown in this study done in the middle of 2020, a lot of small businesses simply could not make it through to the other side.  Even if they had the desire and the willpower, sometimes it can not be prevented.  Money rules the world after all.

Governments and financial institutions took note of how much this sector of the economy has been struggling.  Their response has been to create more impactful and helpful loans specifically geared towards assisting small businesses make it through these tough times.  Today, that is what I am here to tell you about.

What is a Business Loan?

Let us get the obvious out of the way right now.  The definition is quite simple.  They are simply loans that are designed specifically for businesses or organizations that operate as such.  That sets them apart from consumer loans, which can only go to individuals, groups, or families. 

I want to dig a bit deeper, though, to give you a proper understanding of how they work and whether you should consider one.  Why would anyone want to get them versus some of the private or consumer ones on the market?  Wouldn’t it be easy to use those for the same purpose instead of spending time applying on behalf of your company?

Technically speaking, you could do that.  It is not recommended, though, by me or any financial experts that might be out there in the audience as well.  Because of the unique benefits that this type can bring, it may be more advantageous for you to take advantage of them.


If you did not know, there are a few different types that fall under the umbrella term of “business loan.”  Perhaps the most common are ones disbursed by banks.  An example of that is an oppstartslån bedrift, or business start-up loan, which can often have banks as their lenders.  The ones offered by these lenders are fairly flexible in that they can be both secured and unsecured.

The former just means that they would ask for collateral.  That could look like anything but is typically property or something else of equal value to the money that you are borrowing from them.  It serves as their insurance should you not be able to pay them back.

Unsecured does not have that requirement.  However, they do typically have higher interest rates.  Still, they are more popular in today’s day and age.

Virtual Lenders

Shifting our attention just a bit, let us examine a much more recent development in this field.  This is a huge trend that I have noticed online, and I am sure that you have seen it as well even if you are not a business owner.  A ton of non-traditional lenders are advertising their services now.

My first instinct the first time that I saw an ad like this was to be wary.  As someone who is always on the lookout for scams, there were some red flags that concerned me.  They are not nearly as regulated as the other types because of their very nature.  However, once I started to do some of my own research, I came to understand the benefits of them.

For one thing, they can be quite convenient.  The application process for pretty much any loan is rather grueling.  To call it time consuming is an understatement.  Imagine being able to shorten that process significantly.  Some virtual lenders even offer you same day answers.

Obviously, this can save a ton of time.  As you see on this page,, most of them are considered trustworthy.  Even those that are outside of our country are worth taking a peek at.

Why it Matters

Typically speaking, most borrowers want to find the best deal that they can get.  What does that involve when it comes to credit agreements?  Interest rates are the main thing to keep an eye on.  Try to find the lowest one that you can for a reasonable length of time in the initial contract. 

While finding that lender that fits our needs can be hard to do, it will be worth the time investment that you make at the end of the day.  Businesses require funds to do a lot of things.  That includes expanding into more locations or adding more products into their lineup, as well as ordering more manufacturing machines or goods. 

Start-ups especially require funding to really get off the ground.  Unfortunate as it may be many a great idea for a company simply goes unexplored due to the lack of money raised.  The solution is a simple one, although I understand that taking that initial leap of faith can be downright terrifying.

Sinking all of your cash and then acquiring additional debt on top of that for an idea that you are not certain will work is a risk.  What do they always say, though?  With great risk comes great reward!  Personally, I would encourage you to take that first step.

If you are highly motivated, have a solid idea and firm plan of action in how you would create and operate a company, don’t let something like money get in your way.  Remember that there are always options out there available to us.

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Is BTC a Good Long-Term Investment?




During its existence, Bitcoin has become the most effective investment asset in the history of mankind. Not surprisingly, more and more people are trying to make money on it.

What is Bitcoin and why is it attractive

Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency that was created as an alternative universal payment tool, free from centralized control. With Bitcoin, the formation of the digital asset market began.

If in 2009 the possibility of using digital money looked very vague, now any cryptocurrency owner can exchange BTC to BCN or other currencies, including fiat, trade on the stock exchange, spend their coins to pay for goods and services, accumulate for the purpose of investing.

A virtual coin with an initial value of fractions of a cent in the fall of 2021 reached unimaginable heights, its price briefly exceeded $69,000.

Now Bitcoin is going through a rather difficult period. The bullish rally was replaced by a bearish one, and during the first half of 2022, coin No. 1 consistently updated multi-month local lows. Since mid-June and at the time of writing, the coin has been trading in a relatively narrow range of +/- $20k. Analysts still do not exclude the possibility of a further fall to $10,000 before the start of a new cycle of growth.

Fundamentally, digital currencies are on the rise. Each new local minimum invariably turns out to be higher than the previous one. A fairly weighty argument in favor of an optimistic forecast for the future of cryptocurrencies is the fact of their accelerating integration into real economic processes.

How to get Bitcoin

Like any other money, Bitcoin can be bought or earned. There is a third way – mining, but it is very expensive and in modern realities it can hardly be called fast.

There are a lot of ways to buy digital coins now. Several hundred cryptocurrency exchanges operate on the network. In addition to them, there are exchange services, including offline. You can use the services of intermediaries or choose a multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet with the function of replenishing from a bank card.

The safest, simplest and most understandable for an absolute beginner is the purchase of digital money on the stock exchange. The algorithm is generally the same for all traditional crypto exchanges with relatively minor differences in details.

  • Register a new user account according to the standard procedure.
  • After confirming the registration, replenish the deposit in a convenient way for you in the currency available to you.
  • Create an order to buy BTS.
  • If you do not plan to conduct active trading, after the execution of the order, withdraw coins to an offline wallet.

Please note that many large trading platforms require identity verification in addition to registration. It may be required or optional.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

The purpose of investing is to make a profit. The quality of investments is determined by the ratio of the risk of loss and possible profit. Good investments are those in which maximum profit is possible with minimal risk of loss. In the world of cryptocurrency, there are many exchanges that offer different cryptocurrencies and allow exchange for example 0.001 eth to usd.

Bitcoin retains its value in the long run and is not subject to inflation, as is the case with sovereign fiat currencies.

In addition to the actual saving of funds, Bitcoin provides opportunities for earning. The simplest strategy is hodling, long-term storage of an asset in anticipation of its rise in price.

It should be supplemented with at least averaging, buying more crypto at local minima. Active trading is a riskier activity, but a trader has the opportunity to make more profit than a hodler and much faster.

Of course, for competent averaging, and even more so, trading, some efforts will be required. At a minimum, you will need to study the coin itself, market trends, the basics of market analysis and monitor the changing market situation.

Buying coins for the purpose of investing at a multi-month low is a perfectly reasonable decision. However, do not neglect your own market research and weigh your options before investing. Cryptocurrencies are a very attractive asset, but the risk of losing everything here is much higher compared to securities and other conservative assets.

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